Exploring Energy Psychology: Healing Trauma, Restoring Balance – Part II

In Part II of this series you will learn about the human energy field and its relationship to energy psychology. Read Part I here. Few people know that there is a potent form of healing that comes to us from Western psychotherapy: energy psychology. My purpose in this article is to continue the conversation about energy [...]

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Exploring Energy Psychology: Healing Trauma, Restoring Balance – Part I

Do you identify as being more sensitive than most people to physical sensations? Do you often use descriptive words such as “feeling drained,” “overcome with emotion,” “heavy with grief” or “tugging on my heart?” Are you feeling stuck with traditional talk therapy? If so, you may be a good candidate for energy psychology. According to [...]

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People Pleasing Part II- The Good News- Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

We all know a people-pleaser! That would be the person in your marriage, friend group or in your family – or possibly even at work – who closely monitors others, attends to the emotional climate of the group, and speaks and acts in ways that helps others just feel better about the relations underway. [...]

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How Being “Too Nice” (aka People Pleasing) Impacts Relationships – Part I

In this two-part article, you will learn about “people pleasers” and gain the tools necessary to discover your own people-pleasing tendencies so you can choose to stay true to your own needs and desires, distinct from the good opinions of others while maintaining strong, balanced relationships.  What is the condition of “people pleasing”?  We all [...]

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